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Word Processor

Unlike other AI text detectors, Really Wrote It’s anti-AI word processor tracks the entire writing process, enabling content to be written transparently. This way, you can ensure that all submitted work is authentic and 100-percent human-written.
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Writing Playback

Our real-time writing playback feature allows you to easily verify the authenticity of a text, as it highlights keystrokes, changes with timestamps and copy-and-pasted paragraphs.
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Text Timestamps

Each keystroke is also recorded with a timestamp, meaning you can verify progress by the letter and hold writers accountable for their work.
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Essay Writing Stats

Once a project is complete, you can then view a comprehensive selection of statistics documenting the writing process. This provides valuable insight into the number of keystrokes made, any instances of copy-and-paste and the total writing time.

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An Anti-AI Word Processor

While there are many AI text monitors available online, most of them rely on statistical averages to identify artificial content. Really Wrote It, on the other hand, tracks progress in real-time, ensuringusers can accurately view keystrokes, edits, and instances of copied and pasted content. Our platform also allows users to watch a sped-up recording of the writing process, providing an additional layer of transparency and means of proving authenticity.

A Fair Chance for Content Writers

By recording your work with Really Wrote It, you can easily verify the authenticity of your writing. In fact, upon request of employers and clients, you can play back a live recording of your writing process that highlights all keystrokes and changes made to your content.

Really Wrote It Use Cases

University & College Essays

With the rise of text generators like ChatGPT, educational institutions have become increasingly conscious of students using AI in their essays. Really Wrote It allows students to avoid accusation of AI usage and prove the authenticity of their work.

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Content Writing

Really Wrote It is geared toward copy and content writers looking to prove the authenticity of their writing to employers and clients. With our anti-AI word processor, writers can successfully avoid unnecessary confrontations and maintain a positive reputation.

Prove Authenticity

Because AI content has become so common, having the means to prove the authenticity of your writing to cautious clients is essential. By using Really Wrote It, you can confidently say that your content is 100-percent human-written.

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How It Works

1. Sign Up

To get started with Really Wrote It, you will need to create a user account and get acquainted with our system. Don’t worry, our anti-AI word processing is simple to use, no matter your level of technical expertise.

2. Write Content

After you’ve signed up for Really Wrote It, you can begin writing content using our anti-AI word processor.

3. Real-Time Text Recording

As you write your content, each keystroke is recorded with timestamps, providing a complete edit history. This means you can prove the authenticity of your entire writing process.
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4. Text Playback

Once your content is written, employers and clients can view a sped-up recording of your writing process to identify instances of copy-and-pasted paragraphs generated by AI.
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5. View Statistics

Finally, you can view writing statistics, such as writing time, number of keystrokes, instances of copy-and-paste, and inactivity time.

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    How do "Text Timestamps" help establish the credibility of a piece of writing?

    Every letter typed is marked and saved by a timestamp. These timestamps show precisely when each letter was typed, proving their validity. For example, a copied and pasted piece of text will share the same time stamp, raising questions about its credibility.

    Does Really Wrote It offer any data analytics to track writing productivity over time?

    Yes. Really Wrote It allows users to view several statistics during the writing process and once a document is complete. This includes word count, writing time, and number of instances of copy and paste.

    Is Really Wrote It compatible with different operating systems and devices?

    As a webapp, Really Wrote It works on any browser-capable internet-connected device, regardless of operating system.

    Can the documents be accessed and used in offline mode?

    Currently, Really Wrote It documents are only accessible while logged into the site, which requires an online connection to access.